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Sales agent are needed for wooden cutlery fork, spoon, knife.

Contact us:

Tianjin Senyangwood Co., Limited is factory and producer of wooden cutlery like spoon, fork, knife and coffee stirrer.

We are looking for sales agent outside of China. Main items are: #woodenspoon, #woodenfork and #coffeestirrer to replace plastic type. 

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Anyone who has intersting please contact us by email with introduction about you and your company, the email address is: Let us use #birchwood spoon, fork and stirrer together!

Call us (Whatsapp): +8618622562297

For more information about our company please visit our website:, 

we are supplier and factory of wooden cutlery spoon, fork, knife and coffee stirrer from China.

What is our advantage?


1. We focus on intelligent and non-touch production line, which gives food safety and steady quality wooden cutlery. 


2. We buy wood logs by ourself, we have steady wood supply with reasonable wood logs price, and we are able to supply FSC wood logs with full supply chain traceable.


3. Factory is clean enough to pass all kinds of food grade factory audit, now we BRCS certificate with Grade A (while most of suppliers have grade B).


Never worry about buying wrong products from Tianjin Senyangwood Co., Limited!

no touch production line of wooden cutlery spoon fork knife from Tianjin Senyangwood Co., Limited
machine vision selection of wooden cutlery set spoon fork knife from Tianjin Senyangwood Co., Limited