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Today, we made a record in loading

We loaded 14 items in a container!

One of my client needs many items, so we accepted and loaded all items in a container.

14 items are:

Birch wood toothpicks:

Individual Cello Wrapped Tooth pick

Individual Paper Wrapped Tooth pick

Birch wood cutlery set:

Wooden Spoon ; 160mm

Wooden Fork ; 160mm

Wooden Knife ; 160mm

Wooden Spoon ; 140 mm

Birch wood coffee stirrer:

Wooden Coffee Stirrer - 140 x 6 x 1.3 mm

Wooden Coffee Stirrer with Individually white paper wrapped - 140 x 6 x 1.3 mm

Wooden Coffee Stirrer - 190 x 5 x 2 mm

Birch wood tongue depressor:

Tongue Depressor , Wooden 150 x 18 x 1.6mm - Round edge with both side polished

Bamboo skewer:

Bamboo Skewers 6" x 3mm

Bamboo Skewers 8" x 3mm

Bamboo Chopsticks:

Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks : Size : 210 mm

Bamboo pick with Knot:

Looped Skewer (Bamboo pick with Knot) (105mm)

birch wood toothpicks, wooden spoon, wooden fork, wooden knife, wooden coffee stirrer, tongue depressor, bamboo skewer, bamboo chopsticks, looped skewer