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wooden utensils


Disposable bio wooden utensil spoon.
Disposable bio wooden utensil fork.
Disposable bio wooden utensil knife.

Disposable bio utensils with food grade certificate and test reports from Producer, supplier, manufacturer, vendor, factory of Tianjin Senyangwood Co., Limited.

Can do hot stamping logo on utensils.
OEM package for disposable utensils are mostly welcomed.

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More Details
We buy wood logs from long term reliable source with FSC certificate!
There are many benefits of using wooden cutlery spoon, fork, knife, wooden cutlery looks beautiful, wooden cutlery are environmentally friendly as they are sourced from sustainalbe forest and wooden cutlery are biodegradable.
We have a full range of wooden cutlery spoon fork, knife, spork, spoon fork 2 in 1.

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wooden cutlery spoon

Test report:



Food grade certificate

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Tianjin Senyangwood Co.,Ltd.

For more product information: http://www.senyangwood.com/wooden-cutlery

Factory address: 23rd shuanghe industrial zone, beichen district, Tianjin, China

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